North Houston finally has a cricket field with your help. After two years of working with Harris County the Triggers Cricket Club has secured a cricket field at Matkze Park in 2006

Cricket is a very popular sport in Houston as demonstrated by the 1000+ members of the Houston Cricket League. This ground in North Houston will provide an opportunity to promote cricket in this part of the city. But we need your help to find sponsors. All members and supporters of the club are requested to contact thier companies, consulting firms, community organizations, religious organizations, and friends to find people that would be willing to sponsor to the club and Matzke park.

Sponsors will not only be contributing to the community and promoting cricket, but they will also be promoting themselves. There are several ways that sponsors could advertise their sponsorship:

1) Sponsorship will be advertised on our web site.
2) T-shirt and cap worn by each player could have the sponsor’s name and/or logo.
3) The cricket gear that is being sponsored will have the sponsor’s name displayed on it.

While cricket is a popular sport around the world, not everyone may be familiar with it. More information can be found on these sites:

Your help is much appreciated.